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For instructions on how to deploy in Podman, Docker, or Protainer



Use of docker’s docker-compose for podman is only supported in podman version 3.0.0-dev and above. It is the preferred method for containerizing Splunk. Use run-podman.sh script for deployment with podman.

Passed CentOS ✔️ </br> CentOS Stream release 8</br> Podman Release v3.1.0</br>


Docker may still be the desired method to run containers. If use of Docker natively is desired run the run-docker.sh script.

Passed CentOS ✔️</br> CentOS Stream release 8</br> Docker version 20.10.3-ce</br> Docker-Compose version 1.28.2</br>

Passed Debian 9 ✔️</br> Docker version 18.06.0-ce</br> Docker-Compose 1.8.0</br>