Cyber Interview


Content hosted at: Lists of interview questions for those in cyber security are intended to help both the interviewer and the interviewee.

SOC Questions

IT Security Admin Questions

Soft Skills to Assess

  1. Inquisitiveness
  2. Collaboration
  3. Fundamental IT / Cyber Knowledge
  4. Critical Thinking
  5. Ability to work under pressure

General Open-ended Questions

What makes you want to pursue a career in Cybersecurity?

What do you do when you are AFK?

How have you pursued Cybersecurity?
Follow up: Outside of what has been required by school and work?

What career/discipline are you interested in Cyber Security?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Describe your home lab setup.

Tell us about any competitions you have competed in.

What has been your favorite free or paid education resource?

How do you keep up-to-date outside regular work hours?

Tell us about some cyber-attacks that have happened recently.

How comfortable are you on the command line?