About Me

Hello world! ☕

My name is Christian Taillon


I am a Christian first, a husband to a wonderful wife second, a Cyber Security Practitioner third.

In my day job, I contribute to Grand Canyon Education’s Information Security team as a Threat Response Engineer. My efforts focus on improving the Security team’s operational tools and capabilities to efficiently detect and effectively respond to threats. This is done primarily through work relating to SIEM, EDR, NTA, and an evolving Threat Intelligence program.

I would love to spend most of my days working out of vim or Pulsar Edit, a few SSH sessions, and a web browser and build cool dashboards, searches, and tools in Splunk. However, my day job involves supporting a fantastic SOC in both solutions and operations, so I don’t always get what I want. 😉 When not helping lead response for escalated incidents, I find myself deploying or improving various security detection, prevention, monitoring, and response controls.

I have been a mentor on the Cyber Mentor Dojo for some time and find it an effective platform to montor those interested in developing as a cyber practitioner.

When AFK, I try to get out and hike, kayak, or explore God’s green earth in some capacity with my best friend and biggest supporter, my amazing and wonderful wife.

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email: public(AT)christiant.io

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Current Roles

In Cybersecurity, we don’t have the luxury of time. Our work demands persistence, proactivity, and collaboration. I believe that you don’t need to work at the same company to be on the same team.

Grand Canyon Education
My day job is as a Threat Response Engineer working out of the Phoenix, Arizona area. I was also responsible for developing a Threat Intelligence and now Threat Hunting program. In this role, I am also responsible for handling most of our Cyber Forensic Analysis.

Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance
I lead a team of threat intel team as a Global Watch Center Lead and Core Contributor for ACTRA. I also lead our Threat Intelligence Exchanges, help develop tools for our operations, and I am an instructor at ACTRA’s Academy.

Phoenix ISSA Chapter
I sit on the Board of Directors for this chapter as the Edcuation Director.

Cyber Resilience Institute
I work on the Cyber Observable Threat Hunting team with Sports-ISAO for our “Popup SOC”.





⚒ Favorite Tools:

Pulsar Edit Vim
Splunk Enterprise Kali ELK
Trello IBM Threat Exchange VirusTotal
Docker Git GitHub DevOps

📄 Favorite Languages:

Splunk Python Bash
PHP PowerShell

💻 Favorite OS Flavors:

Debian Android Arch

☁ Cloud Experience:

DigitalOcean Azure AWS

‍🖼️ Topics I Present & 🧰 Workshops I Run

ChatGPT for Your Sanity Sigma Detection Engineering Splunk for InfoSec Obsidian: Knowledge Management Home Lab
Linux CLI Using a Linux Workstation in an Enterprise Environment Meet the Enemy: Adversary Profiling Hunting Hunting Hunting
SupplyChain ModernSoc
Hunting SplunkDashboarding Git4Ops
RPi-MineCraft MemoryForensics NetworkForensics